What would you like to do before dying ? 
What is in your bucket-list / wish-list ?
Start now, live ! 

Everything which is underlined is what I did already

- Run a marathon and getting rid of my asthma
- Do a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training
- Start to teach yoga
- Learn to dance salsa, bachata
- Learn to surf
- Do a tube surfing
- Do a 10 days Vipasana meditation, silent retreat
- Do a full side split
- Do a full middle split
- 540 Kick
- Learn to back flip
- Hold a handstand for 1min
- Press to handstand
- Stalder press to handstand
- Handstand push up
- Full straddle planche
- Ring muscle up
- Pass my Taekwondo Black belt
- Pass my Taekwondo 4th Dan
- Pass my Taekwondo 5th Dan
- Compete for the french National team(Poomsae Taekwondo)
- Do a long walk, hike for at least a month also called thru hiking.
- Skydive
- Organise a Yoga retreat

- Long-term solo travelling with a backpack
- Hitch-hiking and wild camping in Central America
- Go to the Sahara desert
- France, Belgium, Italy, Spain (Lanzarote, Tenerife), Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Albania, England, Ireland, Scotland, Morocco, Indonesia (Java, Bali), Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, USA, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia
- Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Japan, Korea, Bhutan, Nepal, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil
- Learn to dive PADI
- Do a long cycling trip

- Design a watch
- Working in different countries
- Organise my first photography exhibition
- Publish a photographic book

- Learn to speak English
- Learn to speak Spanish
- Take public speaking classes - Toastmasters(in progress)
- Do a Ted Talk

- 3 days fast
- Shift to mainly plant-based diet
- Regular cold showers
- Set up a morning routine (meditation, breathe work, yoga, visualization )
- Start reading
- Start writing (blog, daily journal when I travelled)

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