Hi, I am Marc Tran,
 designer, yoga instructor,
taekwondo athlete,
outdoor photographer,
and forever a student
My Dad, from Vietnam and my Mum, from Laos, gave me birth in Lyon, France in 1987.

My IKIGAI (reason of being in Japanese), is to help and empower people to live a more meaningful life 
by using the tools of Yoga and Taekwondo.
 I also support companies to develop new products and ideas using the tool of design.

In 2019, I finished my 10 months backpacking trip in Central America 
(crossing all 9 countries from Cuba to Colombia)
When I came back I decided to follow my gut feeling and went to study do a 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training with
 Scott Nanamura in Greece. We met few months before at the Mystical Yoga Farm by the lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
Today I am 31 years old, and currently based in Leamington Spa, England. 

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